Condaria PCWM/Mod. 18001 Variable Single Phase Water Chiller Units speed compressor

Reference 001488

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Low energy consumption, variable speed compressor.

Designed for a simple and intuitive use, the equipment is equipped with a variable heat pump, variable speed compressor unit and is available in a wide range of powers.

The speed of the compressors is modulated based on the demand of the equipment from 20rps to 100rps, ensuring consumption savings.

The starting current is restarted thanks to the inverters.

Safety and reliability, even if one or more compressors fail, the equipment will continue to function thanks to its management software.

Each compressor can be managed individually.

An automatic function has been designed to recover the oil from the equipment, which ensures the correct lubrication of the compressors.

It incorporates an automatic preheating function for the compressors in order to avoid the presence of liquid inside when they are not in use.

The equipment is controlled by a display with the START/STOP and WINTER/SUMMER (SUMMER/WINTER) functions.

Each unit has a MODBUS communication board and a board for the remote display as standard.

Advantages: Compact design, modular system from 20rps to 100rps, electronic expansion valve to control the refrigeration cycle, low energy consumption, electrical panel with display, ModBus RTU communication board for home automation.

Optional: PDG1 display with touch keys and PDGX display with touch screen.

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