Inversor Victron Multiplus 12V 3000VA 120-16A

Reference 001376


Inverter Peak Power: 6000W

Inverter Working Voltage: 12V

Continuous Output Power: 3000VA

Inverter Efficiency: Pure Sine Wave

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The new Victron Multiplus 12V 3000VA 120-16A Inverter has been designed to replace the previous MultiPlus Compact range. It brings together, in a single compact housing, a powerful sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger with variable charge technology and a high speed AC transfer switch.

Parallel operation and three-phase option

Up to six Multiplus 12V 3000VA 120-16A can be operated in parallel to achieve higher power output. In addition to parallel connection, three units can be configured for three-phase output, assigning each of the inverters to one of the three phases.

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