VICTRON Phoenix Smart IP43 12/50 charger - 1+1 Output

Reference 001632

Model PSC125051085

New Victron Phoenix Smart IP 43 12/50 1+1 battery charger. The Phoenix Smar IP 43 1+1 charger provides 3A to the starter battery and the rest to the "domestic" bank. Vitron Smart IP 43 battery chargers include Bluetooth, so the charger can be controlled and programmed from the phone.

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Bluetooth Smart enabled

Any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or other device can be used to monitor, change settings, and update the charger when new software features become available.

Phoenix Smart (1+1): two outputs to charge 2 battery banks

The second output, limited to approximately 3 A and with a slightly lower output voltage,

It is designed to fully charge a starting battery.

Automatic voltage compensation

The charger compensates for the voltage drop in the DC cables by gradually increasing the output voltage as the DC current increases.

Please consult the manual for more information.

5-stage adaptive charging algorithm: initial charge - absorption - reconditioning - float - storage

The Phoenix Smart Charger features our well-known “adaptive” battery management system, which can be configured for different battery types. Its "adaptive" function will automatically optimize the charging process based on the use that is given to the battery.

The right amount of charge: variable absorption time

When the discharge is low (for example, a yacht connected to the dock) the absorption charge phase is shortened in order to avoid overcharging the battery. After a deep discharge, the absorption charge time is automatically increased to ensure a full recharge of the battery.

Preventing damage from excessive gassing: BatterySafe mode (see Fig. 2)

If, in order to charge a battery quickly, a combination of high charging current with high absorption voltage has been chosen, the charger will prevent damage from over-gassing by automatically limiting the rate of voltage increase once it has been reached. the gassing voltage (see the charging curve between 14.4 V and 15.0 V in fig. 1 below).

Less aging and maintenance when the battery is not in use: the storage mode (see fig. 1 and 2)

Storage mode is activated when the battery has not been discharged in 24 hours.

In storage mode, the float voltage is reduced to 2.2V/cell (13.2V for 12V batteries) to reduce gassing and corrosion of the positive plates. Once a week, the voltage is raised back to the absorption level to “even out” the battery. This feature prevents electrolyte stratification and sulfation, the main causes of battery failure.

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